Voice artist bio


Rob is a versatile voice artist with many years of experience.
He has an innate sensitivity to the rhythm and cadence of comedy and character and has been used to great effect on a variety of very popular campaigns including the KFC ‘Shmarmy Kush’ Krusher campaign and the Corne and Twakkie City Varsity campaign to name but two.

It is this knack for a wide range of character voices that has afforded Rob the privilege of working in animation. Rob voiced a number of characters (most notably the iconic Frothy the Bear) in multiple seasons of the hugely popular children’s series;Urbo: The Adventures of PaxAfrika from 2006 to 2009.

He has also worked extensively with the hugely successful Triggerfish Animation studio in Cape Town (Zambezia) and became an integral tool in the character development of their latest project; Khumba – having spent many sessions with animators and writers as he played pretty much all the parts throughout the development of the feature.

As a commercial voice artist Rob is as comfortable with a straight read as he is with something a little crazier. At the end of the day, he just loves being in the booth.

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